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Bouncepreneurs 365 is the full 12 month recovery programme for entrepreneurs who have lost a business. You can Bounce Back from business failure to success and prosperity in 365 days.  At this stage they are awarded the Black Kangaroo status of a fully rehabilitated entrepreneur.  The course is based on collaborative learning with a cohort or group of other entrepreneurs looking to restart smart. During this course you will leave entrepreneurial grief behind and begin rebuilding core finance and marketing skills. But most importantly your testing for your new business will be extremely diligent. Using low cost , proven techniques to test your actual business in real selling situations is the way to guarantee success and minimise risk. This course goes past Bouncepreneurs 90 and takes students into the live business stage. Emphasis is on building robust systems, monitoring cashflow and ensuring sales are balanced. Bouncepreneurs is a very different way of doing business to traditional methods. It takes full account of the fact that our clients often have great experience, they are maybe low on confidence, have family issues and poor credit. We specifically guide our clients to fully understand everything they are doing, technology, taxation, book-keeping and most of all spotting risk. When you take a Bouncepreneur course you are joining a movement which fosters redemption after failure and a tribe of hard working, ethical people prepared to help those friends and families who are suffering from a failed project or business.  


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