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About Us

What is Bouncepreneurs?

Bouncepreneurs is a movement that helps entrepreneurs whose projects have failed return to success and happiness.

How do we help?

Bouncepreneurs helps in 5 main ways 


1. The most important thing we do is listen at the point of crisis

2. Sense-making of the business failure

3. Rebuilding personal pride and passion

4. Building a recovery plan for the entrepreneur and their loved ones

5. We show you how to Bounce Back with a 12 month recovery business


My Business Hasn't Failed Yet - Can Bouncepreneurs Help?

Yes. We can. Bouncepreneurs recovery road map can work for entrepreneurs close to failure but the business is still afloat.

Does Bouncepreneurs Lend Money?

No we don't. Nor do we promote anybody else's loans or borrowings.

How do you Make your Money?

Bouncepreneurs make our money by selling recovery training and rebuilding the inner strength or entrepreneurs in crisis. It is a fair days pay for a fair days work.

Is Bouncepreneurs Open to Couples?

Absolutely yes! Bouncepreneurs welcomes couples warmly. Many businesses are run by couples or one half is running the business. We welcome both of you.


Does Bouncepreneurs Accept Bankrupts?

Yes we do.You are welcome. No-one wants to loose everything to bankruptcy. But unlike the rest of business society we will not lock you in the Poor House and throw away the key for life. 

Bouncepreneur Code of Honour

The great trainer and leader Blair Singer talks about a Code of Honour. In Bouncepreneurs we have a Code of Honour towards running a business and helping those whose businesses have failed. Part of becoming a Bouncepreneur is to follow that Code of Honour and to personally support other entrepreneurs in trouble once you have personally recovered.

How Can I Participate I am Broke!

You ca join Bouncepreneurs Q&A sessions once a week and tell your story to a group of individuals sharing your experience. Just having someone to talk to (We are told) is a huge relief and boost for entrepreneurs in trouble. 

Bouncepreneurs first level of entry costs less than 300.



I Work in Economic Development for Government can we Collaborate with Bouncepreneurs?

Absolutely. The broader the spread of support for this movement the better. Many economic agencies deny the scale or existence of the failure problem. We welcome innovators who are open-minded. Our Founder Michael Allen worked in support of Economic Development Agencies in 18 countries. He believes that alongside Startups, inward investment and aftercare "second phase entrepreneurship is an essential programme for ALL government agencies to have. We would love to support your entrepreneurs in failure.

Academic Evidence & Partnerships

We work with leading Professors in Europe and beyond to provide clear evidence for this problem. for example Professor Jonathan Levie formerly of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde has shared his cutting edge research is Entrepreneurship with us. We currently have fruitful dialogue and relations with 6 Professors in this field. We welcome more. There is a great need for research in this area and we  have some great topics for under-graduate and post-graduate students working on their thesis.



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