Choose an Idea

This course will help you generate, choose, plan and test a new business idea. Why take crazy risks with your time, money and stability. You just don't have to!

Recognise Yourself?

If you recognise yourself, then you are in the right place

Toby, England

"I was about to throw £150,000 into a coffee bar concept. My wife forced me to try Choose an Idea. Man I am glad I did! We did launch a coffee bar, but in a totally different location and in partnership with an Italian partner. Thanks Michael"

Mariusz, Poland

"I wanted to return to Poland from UK and start my own business. I had so many ideas I couldn't choose. Michael showed me the security work I was already doing part time was the key. My Welsh boss even showed me how to run it!" 

Fatima, South Africa

I needed to be self-employed  as jobs were very scarce in South Africa. But I had no clue what I could do. I now run a successful import company specialising in signs and labels.I never would have thought of it without the course."

The Course Explained in ABC

A. Idea Phase

Don't Pull You Hair Out! You will learn about the way your mind is working regarding ideas. You''ll  expand or reduce the number of rough ideas you have. We'll show you how to be objective and not subjective to  pick your best option.

B. Testing By Planning

Test by Planning You will use the super Business Model Canvas planning tool. We call it the "Washing Machine" of Idea Testing" it highlights any bad assumptions behind your plan. You may go back a step to get the right idea.

C. Test Launch

Really launch to test sales of  your product/service.  Build the simplest, low cost Minimum Viable Product.  If successful you ramp up. Close to success, you pivot and try again. No sales you pull out/fail fast saving time and investment

Here’s Your Course Leader Michael Allen

"Hello there, I wrote this course folks and I will be with you every step of the way to make sure it is a success for you! Let me share my mindset and offer some quick tips for you about Choosing an Idea too!"


Join our next "Choose an Idea" Course

Our next Choose an Idea Course starts on March 1st 2019. We have just a few places left (they are limited to 8 students per group).

Three Great Bonuses for February Signups *

Available for Standard and We Do It For You Levels.


Extra 1 - 2 -1 Coaching

Sign up for our March 1st course and receive extra 1 -2- 1 coaching with course designer and market leader. As well as fantastic online resources and a weekly group Q&A and sharing call you will receive extra personalised support. A full set up video call with Michael Allen will be followed a double 1 -2 -1 coaching calls 6 x 30 minute calls PLUS the "long as it takes" set up call. 


One to One Half Day Intensive Set Up Meeting with Michael in Amsterdam

Get on the right path to success meet Michael in person in Amsterdam. Enjoy a real discovery process about yourself, spending half a day with your course leader in a relaxed yet meaningful exploration of what ideas you have, your challenges and even spiritual motivation. Simply fly into Amsterdam Schipol Airport on a budget flight. Even build it into a weekend break.



Survey Design - We Do it For You!

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure out what a good survey looks like. Let Michael design it for you. As a fully qualified market research leader with over 30 years of experience you will get a great job. We make it easy giving you an effective study to really dig deep on customer interest in your product. Sign up for March 1st and you'll also get this for free. 

"I spoke to Michael on the recommendation of a friend about my plans to open a dried flower shop in my home town. Later that day I was due to sign a property lease on a shop. I didn't sign the lease, nor open that business. Thank God! But Michael did help me choose, research and launch a successful online craft business. I highly recommend his course."


Join our next "Choose an Idea" Course

Our next Choose an Idea Course starts on March 1st 2019. We have just a few places left (they are limited to 8 students per group).

April 2nd Next Choose an Idea Class Starts

The next STANDARD online course with real life coaching support starts on April 2nd and is limited to 8 delegates.









Pricing Options



a month for 3 months (£249 single payment)

The best option for the financially challenged is the Do It Yourself version of our Choose an Idea 90 Day course. Same great content drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

3 months access

- 3 Guidance Calls including set up call


One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Community




a month for 3 months (£499 single payment)

The Choose an Idea 90 Day course drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

3 months access

- 6 calls with your Guidance calls with Coach Michael Allen

- 1 Set up call to understand your personal and commercial motivators

One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Membership Community





A month for 6 months (33% off £3999 for single payment)

The Choose an Idea 90 Day course done for you. You still get drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

6 months access

Weekly calls with your coach Michael Allen

We do all this for you:-

  • Brainstorming 
  • Market Research
  • Customer Profiling
  • Canvas Business Modelling
  • Test Website
  • Launch Plan
  • Feedback on Viability

One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Membership Community


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We do It For You One Time Payment £4999 x 1

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