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This process will reduce your chances of launching a successful business 5 X

Kyle Maritime

Originally from South Africa with significant maritime and diving experience Kyle's first concept failed CAI research scrutiny allowing him to successfully pivot to new venture after original idea failed scrutiny. Saving considerable time and investment. Gained increased confidence in his second concept.

Alex IT Specialist in Law IT

Alex via CAI is targeting long-term retained clients. Specifically legal firms in Berlin. This approach gives his business scaleability and sustainability with plenty of scope for growth in a single city.

Daz Welsh Psychologist

Welshman Daz was looking for a way to launch a business and study. As a result of taking part in CAI he changed his degree course, is attending private sector training in NLP and will be serving his local market whilst expanding his qualifications at University.

Which One Are You?

We help all 3 types of Startup Entrepreneur

Toby, England

"I was about to throw £150,000 into a coffee bar concept. My wife forced me to try Choose an Idea. Man I am glad I did! We did launch a coffee bar, but in a totally different location and in partnership with an Italian partner. Thanks Michael"

Mariusz, Poland

"I wanted to return to Poland from UK and start my own business. I had so many ideas I couldn't choose. Michael showed me the security work I was already doing part time was the key. My Welsh boss even showed me how to run it!" 

Fatima, South Africa

I needed to be self-employed  as jobs were very scarce in South Africa. But I had no clue what I could do. I now run a successful import company specialising in signs and labels.I never would have thought of it without the course."

The Course Explained in ABC

A. Great Ideas

We will guide you to generate ideas that combine market opportunity with your passion. As seasoned market analysts and innovators we will bring concepts, markets and angles to the table that you may not have even considered before

B. Ideas Washing Machine

Test by Planning You will use our unique evolution of Business Model Canvas planning tool. We call it the "Washing Machine" of Idea Testing" it highlights any bad assumptions behind your plan. You may go back a step to get the right idea.

C. A Real But Safe Launch

You will actually launch your business in this programme. It is the only effective way to test if customers will buy. No amount of market research substitutes.  Minimum Viable Product approach means you risk minimal time and capital.

Bonus 1 

Extra 1 - 2 -1 Coaching

Sign up for our May course and receive extra 1 -2- 1 coaching every week during the programme.

As well as fantastic online resources and a weekly group Q&A and sharing call you will receive extra personalised support.

This includes a "long as it takes" set up call. PLUS a 15 minute 1-2-1 call every week with your mentor. All on Zoom. 


Low Cost Business Resources

We do not resell third party resources. But we can find and show you a small number of key resources that are easy to learn and cheap to use as you test launch your business. Some of these you will know. You are free to choose your own alternatives of course



Market Research Design - We Do it For You! Limited Time Offer

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure out what a good survey looks like. Let us Design it for you. As a fully qualified market research leader with over 30 years of experience you will get a great job. We make it easy giving you an effective study to really dig deep on customer interest in your product. Sign up before May 1st and you'll also get this for free. 

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