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Your last business failed. You behaved ethically. But it still failed. It is a simple fact. We do not judge, we are here to help you rebuild you life


You are probably having a pretty shitty time. Relying on partner's income, relatives or selling your assets. Maybe your partner has even left you!


For a while you were able to keep up the show. But no more. You are seriously in need of a revenue boost. Money is tight and only covers essentials

"The Bouncepreneurs programme is made up entrepreneurs who have all closed a previous business or project. Often demoralised, confused broke and under pressure

When I was down, help was very scarce. The advice I got was generally useless. If you do nothing else read our information pack.I hate those long sales promos that take hours, pepper you with emails, then offer a bloody expensive service. So here's what you need to know.

Membership costs £599.00, if you pay in a a single instalment or spread the costs by paying £69.00 monthly. You can pay in a range of currencies securely using Paypal.


You can get out of this, not by giving up entrepreneurship, but by bouncing back as an entrepreneur or Bouncepreneur

 Michael Allen Founder & Author of Bouncepreneurs




I had to close my business it was a bloody awful time! Help for ethical entrepreneurs was simply not there! Despite the large numbers of people in this situation there was nothing! "Get a job was all I heard!" But with credit rating now almost universal in recruitment screening -that advice was as useful as a chocolate teapot!

I managed to bounce back, not to become fabulously wealthy, but a solid recovery. So I decided to set out the principles in my first book "Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back from Business Failure." The core idea is that starting a totally new business, (not a reincarnation of the old one) on zero capital in a just 90 days is the best solution for "failed" entrepreneurs. I have now worked with over 200 entrepreneurs fighting back to success and happiness. "

The Bounce Back in Business Project

At the end of 2018 we took all our experience and improvements since writing the book and earlier training and packaged it into a 90 Day digital course, with collaborative learning and direct coaching by me Michael Allen. In 2019 we have extended the programme to last a year and made it a Membership based project packed with resources and help.

User Testimonials

"“The real power in this programme is working in a team. After bankruptcy I was so alone, my partner left me. I was like a leper almost. There was no help for me a man in my late forties. Working with others in the same situation was like having team-mates. I know Michael has improved this concept even further and on this basis I strongly endorse joining a Bouncepreneurs course.”"


"“When I lost my business I blamed everyone but myself. After 25 years running my own business I couldn't be told anything. Bouncepreneurs made me acknowledge my weaknesses and put them right. I am now working and making money in a completely different field which I thoroughly enjoy. ”"


"“Michael's programme is very authentic. He really feels and shares your pain of losing everything and can help you Bounce Back. When he speaks you can hear his depth of experience in success and failure. If you take this course you will quickly believe you have made a good investment. ”"


"“After a poorly thought through business venture failed, we simply could not find work. Bouncepreneurs quickly showed us that Bouncing Back through a new business could be the answer. But man did we have to test it thoroughly! But when we did launch we made strong sales straight away.”"

Odette and Marc
South Africa

"“We were one of the first couples Michael ran through the Bouncepreneur concept. At the time we were beyond broke, near divorce and totally lacking direction. The path Michael set down for us was as important to saving our family as it was to rebuilding our income. ”"

Siobhan and Micheal

"The universe brought me in contact with Bouncepreneurs. Michael was an incredible help. Our third generation dental practice went bankrupt in Greece due the bank unexpectedly calling in our loan on our new clinic. We stayed in dentistry, adjusting to the new realities in Greece. Michael's focus on bringing the three generations of our family together to fight our way out of trouble was the key."


"“The programme is very beneficial, offering a clear solution and leads to a happy ending. The energy and honesty of the Bouncepreneurs movement is clear from the very beginning.”"


"“When I met Michael I had lost everything, my livelihood, self-respect and family. He came into my life at a critical time. His advice that I had to function in a new dimension to my old life was streetwise, realistic and effective.”"


"“This programme has great energy, based on Michael's own experience which makes it authentic and trustworthy. If you are in trouble and just lost a business then take the course. Entrepreneurs AND their families and children ALL benefit from Michael's teachings.”"


"“I bought the Bouncepreneurs Book on Amazon in 2017. I reached out to Michael who helped me out of a real depression and set me to work finding a new venture. My experience with Michael was 1-2-1 and I am certain that the group format in Bounce Back 90 and 365 can only make a great concept even stronger.”"


The Idea Behind the Course

Explained by Michael Allen


The Main Concepts of the Course


You'll be given NLP and hypnotherapy training to ensure you have put past failures behind you and have the best mental approach to going forward


Michael will teach, guide and encourage you and your team-mates through 4 processes that will allow you to launch a real bounce back in business venture in just 90 days


The Bouncepreneurs Movement is more than a course. You will be joining a tribe of entrepreneurs experienced in ethical failure and bounce back in business.

Pricing Options



a month for 3 months (£249 single payment)

The best option for the financially challenged is the Do It Yourself version of our Bounce Back in Business 90 Day course. Same great content drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

- 3 months access

(No one-to-one coaching, NLP or hypnotherapy with this best value plan,  but available as extras/bolt-ons.)


One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Membership Community





a month for 3 months (£499 single payment)

The Bounce Back in Business 90 Day course drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

- 3 months access

- 4 calls with your Bounce Back coach Michael Allen

- 2 "Head Work" NLP and hypnotherapy sessions with Bounce Back therapist Roxana Nicolae 

One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Membership Community

Optional extra NLP and hypnotherapy sessions with this plan available as extras/bolt-ons.




A month for 6 months (33% off £3999 for single payment)

The Bounce Back in Business 90 Day course done for you. You still get drip-fed weekly with over 21 lessons and tasks. 

6 months access

Weekly calls with your Bounce Back coach Michael Allen

- 4 "Head Work" NLP and hypnotherapy sessions with Bounce Back therapist Roxana Nicolae 

We do all this for you:-

  • Brainstorming 
  • Market Research
  • Customer Profiling
  • Canvas Business Modelling
  • Test Website
  • Launch Plan
  • Feedback on Viability

One year's Access to Bouncepreneurs Membership Community




Bounce Back in Business Payment Options

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Monthly £69 x 12
Best Value One Time Payment £599 x 1

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