Bounce Back in Business to Create Panasonic

Feb 05, 2019

Born wealthy but plunged into poverty as a boy Japan's Mr Matsushita had several disappointments . The electrical store where he first worked failed. His next boss dismissed his new socket design. His young company nearly bankrupted and early year were brutal.

He had to sell his wife's kimono to stay afloat. We know his company today as Panasonic.

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Bounce Back in Business from a Refugee Camp

Feb 04, 2019

Fanne Saidu, a Nigerian widow in her seventies, earned a living from selling locally-made pots until the threat of Boku Haram terror attacks forced her into a camp. But she bounced back even in terrible conditions making a popular local drink in recycled bottles gathered by school children. Makes you think about the scale of our challenges hey!

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Bounce Back in Business Nick Ruiz

Feb 03, 2019

Today's Bounce Back in Business is Milwaukee-born Nick Ruiz. Nick built an impressive million dollar plus property empire by his mid-twenties, but the USA crash in 2008 forced him into bankruptcy. With a child and partner to provide for Nick came out of his low period with a set of tough life lessons that served him well. Now a successful property millionaire , Nick also has a respected property education business.

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Bounce Back in Business Donatella Versace

Jan 31, 2019

Bouncepreneurs are delighted to induct amazing Italian business woman  Donatella Versace to the Bounce Back in Business Hall of Fame. Donatella overcame unexpected leadership, demons and initial losses to stabilise and rebuild the Versace fashion empire. An inspirational female entrepreneur making Italy proud.




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Bouncepreneurs Hall of Fame #4 Coco Chanel

Jan 14, 2019


Coco Chanel was a real opportunist. But at 71 when Europe shunned her she made a huge return in the USA soon forcing Europe and her critics to become fans. If you are an entrepreneur whose business has failed and need help contact us at OR should you wish to support our work become a Patreon at
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Bouncepreneurs Hall of Fame #3 Abraham Lincoln

Jan 14, 2019

Honest Abe Lincoln bought too much stock he couldn’t sell and then his partner died. He took 10 years to pay back his debt. But he did pay it behaving honourably as an ethical entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur whose business has failed and need help contact us at 

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How to Restart After Business Failure

Dec 06, 2018

Michael Allen presents his core ideas for Bouncepreneurs -right at the beginning of the movement in early 2017. 

He went on to write the book Bouncepreneurs. He initially and unsuccessfully took his ideas to Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and English economic development agencies and several banks and corporate recovery agencies. All the leading book-keeping software suppliers said no to backing the project.

But support from MP Susan Elan Jones, Paul and Paula Misipeka in Australia and in 2018 from world renowned trainer Blair Singer convinced Michael to keep going.

After personally coaching over 180 individuals and clearly seeing the very real need to help large numbers of entrepreneurs in trouble things are taking off. 

December sees the launch of the Bounce Back 90 and Bounce Back 365 recovery training courses for entrepreneurs looking to restart smart and Bounce Back.

If you are an entrepreneur in trouble get involved, restart now. And remember

Entrepreneur - it ain't...

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6 Examples of Entrepreneurs Trying to Bounce Back from Failure

Nov 15, 2018

The start for most Bouncepreneurs is a business failure. After the champagne and photos of the start up the day of failure is entirely different. Alone, harassed and grieving.

Life is tough for failed entrepreneurs.

I often get asked what type of people join or approach Bouncepreneurs. Well there is a broad group. Sometimes men, sometimes women and sometimes couples. No matter which country they come from the message is basically the same. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO TURN.

In this blog I thought I would share some examples of the types of people who join Bouncepreneurs and the reason that they fail.

Here goes

Janeta, Hungary

Janeta was an immigrant from Hungary who settled in Amsterdam. She opened a coffee bar in the City and invested all her savings. Not familiar with Dutch property law and reluctant to invest in a lawyer, she signed a punitive lease. For the first three months business looked good until she was hit with a significant tax bill, which wiped out all her profit. In the...

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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Business Failure

Nov 12, 2018

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Business Failure

By Michael Allen Master of Disaster at Bouncepreneurs

At Bouncepreneurs we see lots of people who have lost their business. Reactions to this happening vary tremendously. But here are Bouncepreneurs Top 10 Tips.

1. You are not a Failure

Just because your project failed it does not mean you yourself are a failure. It is vital that you split this into two different views.

You cannot keep the news of a business failure quiet. Somebody you know will take a delight in shaming you to your face or in public. Don't let it upset you. This will make you stronger and allow you to dump some relationships that do not serve you well.

2. Admit You Have Failed

There is nothing worse for entrepreneurs in crisis to ignore the fact the business has failed. I have done this myself, staying in a radically changed market for two years. It was like trying to revive a long gone patient. 

Not every business failure ends with a big crash or bankruptcy, in fact...

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