How 6 Business Failures Learnt to Bounce Back in Business

The start for most Bouncepreneurs is a business failure. After the champagne and photos of the start up the day of failure is entirely different. Alone, harassed and grieving.

Life is tough for failed entrepreneurs.

I often get asked what type of people join or approach Bouncepreneurs. Well there is a broad group. Sometimes men, sometimes women and sometimes couples. No matter which country they come from the message is basically the same. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO TURN.

In this blog I...

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Top 10 Tips to Survive Business Failure and Bounce Back in Business

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Business Failure

By Michael Allen Course Leader Bounce Back in Business

At Bouncepreneurs we see lots of people who have lost their business. Reactions to this happening vary tremendously. But here are Bouncepreneurs Top 10 Tips after business failure.

1. You are not a Failure

Just because your business failed it does not mean you yourself are a failure. It is vital that you split this into two different views.

You cannot keep the news of a business failure...

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