Bounce Back in Business John Paul DeJoria

Founded with Paul Mitchell Paul Mitchell Salon Systems with just $700. Also set up Patrón a premium tequila brand. Both businesses earn over $800m. But things turned bad and John Paul had to sleep rough when the backers for Paul Mitchell failed to arrive with promised $500,000 investment. But resistance to rejection pulled them through and led to their bounce back in business.

John Paul De Joria is also the Founder of the Patrón Tequila brand.


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Bounce Back in Business the Flip Out Story


Bouncepreneurs are delighted to celebrate Australia Day by bringing an amazing Bouncepreneur Brent Grundy into our Hall of Fame.

Cheated out of payment during the sale of his earlier business, Brent went on to found Flip Out  a trampoline themed theme park chain and is an inspiration to  entrepreneurs who have lost everything in Australia and worldwide. Brent has shown the way. You too can Bounce Back in Business.

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Bounce Back in Business Vicky Brock

January 25th is Burns Night in Scotland. So what better way to celebrate Scotland's entrepreneurial ability to bounce back, than to feature serial tech entrepreneur Vicky Brock.




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Coco Chanel Fashionista Bounce Back in Business


Coco Chanel was a real opportunist. But at 71 when Europe shunned her she made a huge return in the USA soon forcing Europe and her critics to become fans. If you are an entrepreneur whose business has failed and need help contact us at OR should you wish to support our work become a Patreon at
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Abraham Lincoln showing how ethical people bounce back in business

Honest Abe Lincoln bought too much stock he couldn’t sell and then his partner died. He took 10 years to pay back his debt. But he did pay it behaving honourably as an ethical entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur whose business has failed and need help contact us at 

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Mike Tyson Bounce Back in Business and Life

Mike Tyson bounced back after business failure and even prison. Iron Mike took 10 years and rehab to pull himself out of $23 million debt. Now a successful publisher, actor and coach to young boxers.

If you are an entrepreneur whose business has failed and need help contact us at

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