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Bounced Back from Disability and Bounced Back in Business

Stephen Pritchard is a massive friend to the Bouncepreneurs movement and an example to all. Stephen  is Bouncepreneur #15 in our Hall of Fame of Bounce Backs. He is a pioneer in improving access for the disabled (Access at Last) and a fantastic example of overcoming both disability and entrepreneurial obstacles. Welshman Stephen also served his country in the Royal Air Force

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T Harv Eker Complaining Doesn't Help You to Bounce Back in Business

We are delighted to induct our first Canadian into the Bouncepreneurs Bounce Back Hall of Fame. T.Harv Eker is a force of nature, inspiring millions to "change their mind" and think another way. His "Jar System" should be taught in every school. 

Harv says "When you complain you become a living breathing crap magnet!"

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Bounce Back in Business Brazilian Entrepreneur Fabio Seixas

Fabio Seixas is and CEO of Camiseteria, a T-shirt online store based on crowdsourced design. However, Camiseteria is not his first try. Fabio has over 20 years experience in Internet startups, and some of his ventures failed. Stands out because his is one of the few entrepreneurs in Brazil who openly talks about it.

Entrepreneurs need to be comfortable talking about failure - says Fabio.

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Bounce Back in Business to Create Panasonic

Born wealthy but plunged into poverty as a boy Japan's Mr Matsushita had several disappointments . The electrical store where he first worked failed. His next boss dismissed his new socket design. His young company nearly bankrupted and early year were brutal.

He had to sell his wife's kimono to stay afloat. We know his company today as Panasonic.


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Bounce Back in Business from a Refugee Camp

Fanne Saidu, a Nigerian widow in her seventies, earned a living from selling locally-made pots until the threat of Boku Haram terror attacks forced her into a camp. But she bounced back even in terrible conditions making a popular local drink in recycled bottles gathered by school children. Makes you think about the scale of our challenges hey!

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Bounce Back in Business Nick Ruiz

Today's Bounce Back in Business is Milwaukee-born Nick Ruiz. Nick built an impressive million dollar plus property empire by his mid-twenties, but the USA crash in 2008 forced him into bankruptcy. With a child and partner to provide for Nick came out of his low period with a set of tough life lessons that served him well. Now a successful property millionaire , Nick also has a respected property education business.

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Bounce Back in Business Anu Aga Indian Bouncepreneur

Indian billionaire and social worker Anu Aga was born into one of India's most successful engineering dynasties Thermax. Labour and capital investment problems were near terminal. As CEO Ms Anu Aga shed non-core activities changed the board, slashed costs whilst expanding in the UK and USA, transforming its fortunes.

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Bounce Back in Business Steve Jobs

We cannot raise awareness of the importance of bounce back in business without including #appleinc and #stevejobs.

"It's more fun to join to be a pirate than join the Navy."


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Bounce Back in Business Donatella Versace

Bouncepreneurs are delighted to induct amazing Italian business woman  Donatella Versace to the Bounce Back in Business Hall of Fame. Donatella overcame unexpected leadership, demons and initial losses to stabilise and rebuild the Versace fashion empire. An inspirational female entrepreneur making Italy proud.




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Bounce Back in Business After Bushfires David Stirling Marysville Australia

David Stirling of Marysville Victoria Australia, is an amazing example of bouncing back in business after adversity. Not just for himself, but for his whole town. Welcome to the Bouncepreneurs Hall of Fame David.



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