A Bounce Back in Business story from Wales for St David's Day Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

On St David's Day - the national day in Wales we remember Brothers Walter and Tom Davies. They are St David's Day Welsh Bouncepreneurs from Llanelli Wales. They tried in 1902 to launch a car hire business unsuccessfully. But they noticed so many cars were coming back with flat tyres. So the entrepreneurial brothers invented the spare car tyre of Stepney and this was their bounce back in business. But 1910 they were producing 75,000 "Stepneys" per year. Happy St David's Day to Welsh...

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Henry Ford Bounce Back in Business to become one of the richest men ever

Heard of the Detroit Motor Company - no? It was Henry Ford's first car manufacturer which went bankrupt. He started again and becoming one of the top 10 richest people in history.

So even the mighty have failed. 

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Never too old to bounce back in business ask 77 year old Cheng Shilian

Retired teacher Cheng Shilian is 77 from Anhui Province China. Loss of her husband and debts from treatment of her late son and his wife left big debts. Cheng was determined to clear them as bounce back in business after two failures. Now a successful tea entrepreneur.

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Polish Bounce Back in Business Legend Max Factor

Max Factor or Maksymillian Faktorowicz started work at 8 in Lodz Poland. In USA his partner stole profits and stock from a successful World's Fair launch. Max Bounced Back by opening a barber shop and went on to style icons of Hollywood including Jean Harlow's Platinum Hair!

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Bounce Back in Business to keep Ann Frank's Memory Alive

Today we induct Otto Frank into the Bouncepreneurs Hall of Fame . Otto was the Jewish father of Anne Frank . He himself Bounced Back in business in an ironic way co-writing and selling over 25 million copies in 50 languages of The Diary of Anne Frank. Bouncing Back to keep his daughter's memory alive.


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Bounce Back in Business following a Crushing Blow for Oprah

Oprah is one of only two black female billionaires. But when she lost $60 million on her Beloved movie in 1998 she gained 15kg and openly states it was her lowest low. But Bounce Back in Business she did!

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Caprice Bourret used her brand power to bounce back in business

With millions of dollars of her lingerie en route to South Africa Caprice was put in crisis when they halved the order and her stock was only in South African sizes. She bounced back by licensing her personal brand.

Her advice "cash flow is your bible!"

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Bounced Back from Disability and Bounced Back in Business

Stephen Pritchard is a massive friend to the Bouncepreneurs movement and an example to all. Stephen  is Bouncepreneur #15 in our Hall of Fame of Bounce Backs. He is a pioneer in improving access for the disabled (Access at Last) and a fantastic example of overcoming both disability and entrepreneurial obstacles. Welshman Stephen also served his country in the Royal Air Force

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T Harv Eker Complaining Doesn't Help You to Bounce Back in Business

We are delighted to induct our first Canadian into the Bouncepreneurs Bounce Back Hall of Fame. T.Harv Eker is a force of nature, inspiring millions to "change their mind" and think another way. His "Jar System" should be taught in every school. 

Harv says "When you complain you become a living breathing crap magnet!"

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Bounce Back in Business Brazilian Entrepreneur Fabio Seixas

Fabio Seixas is and CEO of Camiseteria, a T-shirt online store based on crowdsourced design. However, Camiseteria is not his first try. Fabio has over 20 years experience in Internet startups, and some of his ventures failed. Stands out because his is one of the few entrepreneurs in Brazil who openly talks about it.

Entrepreneurs need to be comfortable talking about failure - says Fabio.

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