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Launch Day for Choose an Idea with Confidence!

choose an idea Oct 01, 2019

It's October 1st and launch day for Choose an Idea with Confidence!

I have dedicated this book to my wonderful daughter Katia with the simple dedication

"I dedicate this book to my amazing daughter and the biggest hero I will ever know - Katia."

As I release this book, my daughter goes off to start her English Literature degree at Cambridge University. Could a father be more proud I think not.

In Choose an Idea with Confidence! I seek to help wannabe entrepreneurs find ideas that will roll out successfully.

The book presents two main concepts

1. The Mind Set Approach

This works on the principle that no two entrepreneurs think the same way. I actually have five Mind Sets and a quiz to help readers discover their own Mind Set.

2. The Start Up Safe Sequence

The Start Up Safe Sequence or SUSS for short, will significantly reduce the chances of failure if followed. It is a step-by-step pathway which all entrepreneurs can follow. 

Plenty more to follow in coming weeks in my blog. But for today, a heartfelt thank you to Katia for her love and support.

The book is available from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats. Order here








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