Isaambard Kingdom Brunel Victorian Bounce Back in Business

Isaambard Kingdom Brunel Anglo-French engineer built more than one amazing project. He also suffered business failure and loss of reputation. His projects included the Great Western Railway, SS Great Britain ship and the iconic Clifton suspension bridge.

Brunel really was an awesome engineer. Despite his many world famous projects he also designed London Paddington Station, Bristol Temple Meads Station and the Thames Tunnel (with his son Marc). But he also built the prefabricated 1100 bed Renkioi Hospital for use in the Crimean War. 

Brunel's parent had been imprisoned for debt in France when Isaambard was 16 years old. This disaster drove him. In England whilst working with his father (also Marc) on the Thames Tunnel disaster struck when the tunnel flooded for the second time and in January 1828. Isambard himself was nearly killed. The construction was shut down leaving Isaambard unemployed and broke at 22.  The next five years were very lean times for both the Brunels. From his diaries it was clear that Isaambard fell into a state of real depression. 

But at the age of 27, he got the job of engineer to the new Great Western Railway, designing the 118-mile line. His projects are as amazing in quantity as quality. 

But after 5 years of struggle Isaambard Kingdom Brunel really did Bounce Back in Business.

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