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Launch Day for Choose an Idea with Confidence!

choose an idea Oct 01, 2019

It's October 1st and launch day for Choose an Idea with Confidence!

I have dedicated this book to my wonderful daughter Katia with the simple dedication

"I dedicate this book to my amazing daughter and the biggest hero I will ever know - Katia."

As I release this book, my daughter goes off to start her English Literature degree at Cambridge University. Could a father be more proud I think not.

In Choose an Idea with Confidence! I seek to help wannabe entrepreneurs find ideas that will roll...

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Choose an Idea attacks the 42% start up failure rate

choose an idea Sep 24, 2019


I am really delighted to be launching a new book for entrepreneurs called "Choose an Idea with Confidence!" It is available on Amazon 

The reason I wrote this book was to attack the 42% failure rate of startups (CB Insights 2019). Choose an Idea with Confidence is all about reducing start up risks to entrepreneurs.

Having written my earlier book Bouncepreneurs and worked with over 300 "failed" entrepreneurs I understand risk to new entrepreneurs very well.

Whilst I fully...

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Bounce Back in Business Don't Entertain Suicide

So you've lost your business and you are lower than low can be. 

It's bad - Bouncepreneurs understands your pain. 

But whatever happens don't be tempted to throw away God's greatest gift. Talk to someone of contact us as Bouncepreneurs. Speak to me [email protected] 

It is hard and it may be hard for a while longer, but hang on in there. It WILL get better and we are here to help.

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Steven Spielberg Bounce Back in Business with Mentor George Lucas


Steven was rejected three times from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television. Today Spielberg is famous for directing many blockbusters include Indiana Jones,Jurassic Park, Private Ryan and Jaws. But he also had his flops including his third major movie 1941 which ran wildly over budget. Success had come fast and Spielberg's 1941"Little General" phase dulled his star massively. But his changed his approach and attitude to bounce back in business by...

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Next Bounce Back in Business Course for May Now Open


The next Bounce Back in Business (BBIB)90 is open for May 2019. The course lasts 90 days and has been proven to succeed in helping entrepreneurs find a new path to happiness and prosperity AFTER an earlier venture has failed or become bogged down.

To request a full pack email [email protected]



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German Entrepreneur Ebony Fagbuyi Bounce Back in Business

German Entrepreneur Ebony Fagbuyi found herself unexpectedly in a difficult situation, which threatened the life of her business. She put integrity first and bounced back to success.

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Isaambard Kingdom Brunel Victorian Bounce Back in Business

Isaambard Kingdom Brunel Anglo-French engineer built more than one amazing project. He also suffered business failure and loss of reputation. His projects included the Great Western Railway, SS Great Britain ship and the iconic Clifton suspension bridge.

Brunel really was an awesome engineer. Despite his many world famous projects he also designed London Paddington Station, Bristol Temple Meads Station and the Thames Tunnel (with his son Marc). But he also built the...

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Bounce Back in Business After Being Dumped by Girlfriend

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019

Varun Pruthi's short film is full of Bollywood dramatics. The underlying message is both thought provoking and challenging. Our hero entrepreneur (played by Varun) is dumped by his materialistic girlfriend because he cannot afford the lifestyle she wants. The film fast forwards to see Varun now a very successful entrepreneur and likely multi-millionaire. He is meeting with a project manager employee.

Arriving at the restaurant, he bumps into his ex, who immediately starts bragging about her...

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Bounce Back in Business when your industry rejects you like Coco Chanel at 71

Coco Chanel was a real opportunist. But at 71 when Europe shunned her she made a huge return in the USA soon forcing Europe and her critics to become fans.

Like Hugo Boss Coco Chanel could be called a war-time collaborator. She certainly was a colourful character and probably only escaped jail due to her connections to Winston Churchill and gifting US GI's free perfume. But who knows the real truth of her war-time activity. 

One thing is sure is that her bounce back in business aged 71...

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Bounce Back in Business like Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe Lincoln bought too much stock he couldn’t sell and then his partner died. He took 10 years to pay back his debt. But he did pay it behaving honourably as an ethical entrepreneur. His bounce back in business shows you can be ethical in failure as well as success.

Abraham Lincoln failed and bounced back so many time it is extraordinary.

• 1816 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them. Two years later his mother died.

• 1832 Lost...

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