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"Has your business failed? Are you struggling to cope? Or move forward on your own?

Join Bouncepreneurs and Bounce Back to happiness and prosperity 4 X faster than on your own!"


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Limited Places for January Course

Don't Despair

Shock, shame, shunned - How do you pay your bills? No one to talk to? Bouncepreneurs can help you Master Disaster in your first 30 days.

Stabilise Quickly

Be a leader in your family, even in trying times. Bouncepreneurs can help you choose the best recovery path and plan a new business

Restart Smart

You need a clear goal. Bouncepreneurs offers this. A full financial and personal recovery plan to take you back to happiness and prosperity

Bounce Back 90 - Limited Places for January

Our affordable 90 Day programme supports Entrepreneurs through a tough period moving them quickly to a new season.

We do this in 5 ways

Listen to you giving you an outlet for your fears dissapointments and challenges.

Bring you into a team of supporters and fellow Bouncepreneurs to share your journey with. 

Get your head straight with expert hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

Plan and test new business concepts using Canvas, Minimum Viable Product and Online demand testing.

Never allow poor financial knowledge and control to wreck your business again. We teach how to be confident, organised and efficient with all aspects of financial control.

Bounce Back 365

Bounce Back 365 extends what you have learnt in Bounce Back 90 to a complete year.

This programme sets three goals to be achieved by day 365.

Happiness and self believe restored

A successful business launch achieving a sales, salary and profit target

A powerful belief in the benefits of learning through trial and error.

Upon achieving success in your Bouncepreneur 365 Journey you become a Black Kangaroo. This signifies that you are a Master of Disaster. That you have Bounced Back


You are a living example to others struggling with business failure. For the rest of your life you will always offer support to those your encounter whose businesses have failed. 


Bouncepreneurs Club

Bouncepreneurs Club is for those taking or have completed the 90 or 365 programme.

Every Bouncepreneur Club membership will assist us in providing a scholarship place on the Bouncepreneurs 90 programme for those in dire need of help with no financial resources.

Membership is annual and provides the following benefits:-

Monthly newsletter with tips and tricks on Bounce Back.

News of events and get togethers amongst the Bouncepreneur Tribe around the World.

An opportunity to share your Testimony with new Bouncepreneurs who are lost and struggling to Bounce Back to Happiness and Prosperity

Links to events and ideas to help maintain success and grow your wealth and passive income

Guest articles from successful entrepreneurs around the World.

New of our lobbying work to encourage politicians and financial institutions to reshape the way ethical entrepreneurs who fail are treated by the tte and society at large.


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The first step we would recommend you take is contact us. We will then set up a 1 -2 -1 call with Master of Disaster Michael Allen. We understand your situation. Contact us today.


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