60% of Startups Fail Within 12 months - Make Sure Yours Isn't One of Them

Why take the risk of failing with your Startup or Bounceback? Why not take a few small steps to to avoid failure. If it looks good proceed to low risk test launch - if not rethink and go again.

What is the Right Idea?

You want to be a Startup or Bounce Back Entrepreneur. The right idea hasn't come along yet OR you cannot choose from many? We can help.

Test Ideas Thoroughly

60% of startups fail in year one. Get it wrong waste significant time, gain debt and credit rating problems for years.  Join us and test instead. It's not painful.

Launch Fearlessly!

Failed before OR 1st time entrepreneur? Little voice saying stay secure? Learn to do a controlled test launch without fear of a disastrous failure.

For 1st Time Startups

Reduce Risk of Failure

With over 60 percent of startups failing in their first year why take unnecessary risks.

Choose, Research & Test Your Startup Idea will significantly increase your chances of success.

Also if you are struggling to pin down your best idea than we can also help by increasing the choices you have OR reducing them to your best options.

Course Delivery

Real life coach Michael Allen will speak to every week on a 1-2-1 basis. He also wrote the course.

Collaborative learning your will work in a group of entrepreneurs from a range of countries.

Coming together weekly via Zoom for Q&A to be briefed on new material, share ideas, encourage and maintain a collective timetable towards your launch target date.

You will also have great online resources including guides, reading, business models and help guides.


In 90 days you will be launching your product live.

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Bounce Back in Business in Just 90 Days

This affordable 90 Day programme is similar to our Startup course, in 66% of content. But it also supports Entrepreneurs through a tough period, moving them quickly to a new season after business failure.

We do this in 5 ways

1. Listen to you giving you an outlet for your fears disappointments and challenges.

2. Bring you into a team of supporters and fellow Bouncepreneurs to share your journey with. Weekly Q&A on Zoom.

3. Get your head straight with expert hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. Expert coach with personal sessions.

4. Plan and test new business concepts using Canvas, Minimum Viable Product and Online demand testing.

5. Help you decide to fully launch your business, pivot to a modified idea or stop avoiding wasted time and money.

Bouncepreneurs and Bounce Back in Business was written and delivered by Michael Allen

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Innovation and Research Experience

Your course creator and coach has over 20 years of experience working with and for major enterprises, government agencies and SME's. Michael Allen Dip MRS is passionate about reducing risk to start ups and helping "failed" entrepreneurs Bounce Back in Business


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