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Most startups fail. Make sure yours isn't one of them. 


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What is the Right Idea

You want to be a Startup or Bounce Back Entrepreneur. The right idea hasn't come along yet OR you cannot choose from many? We can help.

Testing Your Idea

60% of startups fail in year one. Get it wrong waste significant time, gain debt and credit rating problems for years.  Join us and test instead. It's not painful.

Fear of Failure

You've failed OR never been self-employed before. Your little voice telling to to stay secure? Join Bouncepreneurs, reduce the risk and with it the fear.

Choose Research and Test Your Startup Idea




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Bounce Back from Business Failure

Our affordable 90 Day programme supports Entrepreneurs through a tough period moving them quickly to a new season.

We do this in 5 ways

Listen to you giving you an outlet for your fears dissapointments and challenges.

Bring you into a team of supporters and fellow Bouncepreneurs to share your journey with. 

Get your head straight with expert hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

Plan and test new business concepts using Canvas, Minimum Viable Product and Online demand testing.

Never allow poor financial knowledge and control to wreck your business again. We teach how to be confident, organised and efficient with all aspects of financial control.

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Take your First Step to Bounce Back

The first step we would recommend you take is contact us. We will then set up a 1 -2 -1 call with Master of Disaster Michael Allen. We understand your situation. Contact us today.


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